sobota 11. února 2017

TO: PFC Groups Administrators / Leaders, and interested parties

Update June 8th 2017 - using the bellow, we are at 7500 membership on FB and 1.379.000 page read on the blog, so growing fast..., feel free to use our concept...

TO: PFC Groups Administrators / Leaders, and interested parties

                                                                                                            February 8th, Prague


in the celebration of hitting mark of 5.000 members in our local PREPARE FOR CHANGE CZ/SK (CZECHOSLOVAKIA) FB group and 800.000 hits total on our blog, I am sending you this "successful actions write up" for how to create and EXPAND national PFC Facebook group and handle the blog.

We started from zero just 2 years ago on February 2015, now we have over 5000 members (net 3500 surplus in 2016) on FB and our blog had over 80000 hits in December 2016, climbing. So we are at 0.0003333333 % of local populations that is 15 mils. people. That would be equivalent of 106.666 members for the US group or 27.333 members group for the Germany. So we are safe and well over the 144.000/7.500.000.000= 0.0000192% required for Global.

I just make the write-up short and simple. Feel free to message me for details, if needed, at my FB: or via comments section on the blog.

To analyze statistics, od your FB group, you may use free tool at


1) Start NATIONAL PFC FB GROUP if not done yet

2) Set the FB group OPEN. Set the rules so, that anyone can ad a member, but admins/moderators must approve. (Do NOT approve any FB newcomer - likely trouble)

3) Start blog in your local language, publish translations of Cobras articles there.

4) Share the articles FROM BLOG one by one on your local PFC FB group

5) Share the articles one by one to many other relevant FB groups. SHARE THEM FROM BLOG, NOT FB.

6) Expand your blog by putting in other relevant translations from other sources, other relevant articles and your own creations. There are some very good light worker’s blogs that shed more light on what Cobra talks about and on our Ascension. One example for all is here:

7) We have this tabs on the blog now: Disclosure - Ascension - Clearing - New Atlantis - Relationships - Health - Kids - Money - Work - Library - Links

Try to include subsections to the blog that are good marketing buttons in your country. Such as Health, Relations, Kids, Money, Work, Links and above all put a CLEARING sections to the blog. To the Clearing section you can add all Cobra meditations, and other clearing and deprograming techniques from Untwine, Andrew Bartzis revocations etc. Lets your audience and membership clear themselves, provide the tools.


9) To the FB group, appoint more than one administrator, for security reasons. 2 are optimal plus some moderators.

10) IMPORTANT: Set strict rules of conduct. Improve them as you go. You will find our version at the end of this letter. Kick out any troll and off purpose, nagging persons immediately, no regret, or you will loose your enthusiasm and it will become nightmare to you as administrator/moderator and trouble to the membership a finally stops or slow the whole group.

11) Clear for the audience what a light worker is and what the light warrior is. Both groups should be able to participate, so cut off horrors and cut off esoteric sweets such as various channelings. Keep it practical and real.

12) Blog has higher gradient information, FB wall is more watered down, so it picks up new people on their reality basis and lets them grow throw the mix of real news, real help and real communication within the FB group to be able to accept broader realities presented at the blog and shared at FB wall.

13) When running, you can put Google Ads to the blog. Use Blogger at It works. It has good back up tool to it. If in troubles later, you could still move it. It will create some little cash flow so one translator could get some financial support. Ask for donations at the and of each translated article at least for the translated content.

14) When running, get in communication with other esoteric, meditation and new society groups. Share experience. Make them receptive for the time on the Event, so you could, in future, use their communication lines, i.e. inform their audience. Make their admins your members and friends.

15) Run FB group as a team. Run blog as one-man show - so it is consistent and personal, and as you progress spiritually yourself, include short articles from your experiences.

16) As for the meditations, it needs to be promoted on a regular basis.

17) As for physical meetings we had few small, will work on this more.

18) As for memberships, we collected one of the best people here, including top healers and practitioners.

19) Preferably avoid local politics as it divides.

20) Preferably avoid food habits such as making someone guilty of not being vegetarian/vegan, we have got most smashing on this, several times. Very heated.

21) Preferably avoid hallucinogens as it is illegal, at least here it is.

22) Develop your inner guidance and connection up, protect yourself and your group and you should be fine and blessed AND EXPANDING.

As a result of this we have 2 growing interlocking devices, that spread the true and light, and heal our communities in the process. Its very interesting to see how synchronicity works within such a group as it basically solves your questions with personalized answers at a correct time if you are connected to such a group, often even without asking. When question is entered - the group works like a very powerful think tank.

In 2017 we intend to expand more into ground work with planting the trees, planting the stones, more physical group meditations, more personal contact within the group, clearing and creating sacred spaces in nature and prepare the landing areas for the firs contact, across our countries.

For us it was very fruitful and rewarding experience, I am sure it can be for you, too.

Let’s make the 2017 The Liberation Year.

This letter will be also distributed directly to the FB admins of your PFC groups via. FB message, so please confirm receipt, so we knew it did not go to spam.

Thank you.

Matěj Havlín & PFC CZ/SK TEAM


PURPOSE OF THE GROUP AND THE RULES - the group is here to help you to understands a get through the changes, that already have hit the planet, so that we stay healthy and strong a could help with them to our closed ones and the others, our country, Europe and the planet Earth.

With Love,

We are part of the global network When you start here, first go to the blog:

Posting rules:

0) Please, communicate here with case, respect for others and clearly.

1) Please, publish posts, that resonates with the specific purpose of the group and do not put "nonsense" to the group, put it to your profile, rather.

2) Please, publish posts, that have a potential to ad to love and understanding to people and to the world and by doing this to help rise emotions - vibrations of us all.

3) We welcome posts related to alternative medicine and healing, especially as personal experience or reference.

4) We welcome posts from modern physics, biology, astronomy, AI, etc., since this help us to better prepare for future world by setting aside our dark age myths by replacing them by more truthful concepts. This includes also new technologies that will allow paradigm of abundance.

5) Please, share your photos, pictures and creations INTO ONE THREAD weekly or total, then you can publish as many as you want.

6) Please, stay away from tabloid news and commonly accessible "interesting’s" and stay away from pushing your religion on us or your political or food believes with the goal to turn us around or persuade by force.

7) Do not publish hoaxes, weird channellings and intentional disinformation concepts, such as "Flat Earth" or "Nibiru", it takes attention away.

8) In your comments, try to respect other views, even when you do not agree and comment upon the posts or facts, not on the publishing member.

9) Please delete your duplicate posts (such that were shared before you on the wall by someone else already).

10) All of us are responsible for pushing the above rules on conduct here. Its our common responsibility to keep your space as clean and sane and nice as possible.

11) For any pushing around of other follow members, for publishing useless adds (such as for financial loans etc.), and for recruitment you will be kicked out permanently.

12) Do not make any illegal posts.

13) If you do no know the language, you may use translator: On YouTube, there are automatic transcript and translation options.

15) Enjoy it here :)

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